What the Heck Should I Do?

How to make the right academic and career choices

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Choosing a career is a big deal. Why? Because your career choice will greatly influence how you spend your time, how much money you have, what people you meet, where you live. It will even contribute to the meaning you give to your life.

Career planning should be inspiring and exciting. It can be a deeply enriching experience. Yet, it can also be a source of anxiety and indecision. The risk is then to make the default choice, the one that pleases others, the one that is the most prestigious, or the one that seems the easiest. Choosing the wrong path is most often synonymous with lack of motivation and academic failure. Later, it makes it more difficult to find meaningful employment. Did you know that only 13% of workers worldwide actually enjoy their jobs? You don’t have to join the ranks of people who are unhappy with their work.

This book draws on the work and experience of psychologists and guidance professionals. It provides you with the right questions to ask yourself so as to determine your professional identity. It then helps you explore the professional world to target careers in which you can succeed. It also guides you in finding the relevant academic or training path.

This book is for you if you’re facing the following transitions:

You’re a high school student wondering what courses to take and what to do after high school.

You’re starting college and have to decide what to study or what majors to choose.

You’ve just graduated and are about to begin your job search.

You’re already in the workforce and looking to switch jobs or change careers.

You’re a parent and want to help your children with their academic and career choices.

You’re a guidance counselor looking for effective tools.



The 6 traps to avoid

Your journal


What is your RIASEC profile?

How to use the questionnaire

Interpret your RIASEC profile

The RIASEC model

The six personality types

Confirm your profile

From RIASEC profiles to occupations


Realistic Occupations

Investigative Occupations

Artistic Occupations

Social Occupations

Enterprising Occupations

Conventional Occupations

Build your career plan

1. Explore various career options

2. Choose the right education and training path

3. Confirm your plan



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